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Basic Cakes


Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Truffle

Regular Price: ₹700.00

Special Price ₹499.00

Chocolate Fruit Cake


Unicorn Baby

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Regular Price: ₹699.00

Special Price ₹549.00

Dark Chocolate Treat


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Express your feeling with Delicious Cake

I love you and so I bake for you. There is no better way known to mankind than saying it with delicious cake. Top that up with some all purpose soft toys and delicious chocolates to suite the receivers taste and choice…. And now you can visualize the big smile of your loved one. Chillbakes steps in to partner with you to get to your loved one what ever you wish, when ever you wish and as good as it can get. Indeed the name “ CHILL” says it all. We not only assure you guaranteed and timely delivery, but are extremely conscious of the fact the every such order has loads of emotions attached and we promise to nurture every request to supply with as much love and care. We give midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon to several cities in the country now.

Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon India

The good news is that globalization has opened up business and job avenues across the country and globe. Many Indian are finding exciting options to earn away from their hometowns which in one way is a good thing but as a result distances from family and loved ones are growing and often time/money /infrastructure constraints do not help in much desirable in person get together The Online Cake Shop in Gurgaon option is one alternate option to explore. The next best thing, in case one is likely to miss out on a occasion/event, is then to send Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon. What can be a better gift than a freshly baked cake. Simply Irresistible . The process need you to simply pick from our list of offering a combination of products and we will do the rest. You will be kept informed of every step we would take and therefore will have the opportunity of calling soon as the delivery is done.

Cakes For All Occasion

We are one of the leading bakeries and Online Cake Delivery store in NCR region known for baking to order on short notice, we are recognized across for our designer/fondant cakes and we love BAKING. My chefs are ever ready to experiment and innovate and that spirit of quality and service has been the mantra of our existence. We bake for every event /occasion and we have a large variety of cakes/flavors on offer. We do eggless and sugar free cakes as well.